Making Sustainability Stick

This is THE sustainability implementation book for professionals and students of all level of sustainability. Drawing from his experience having worked with over 240+ companies, Kevin provides the roadmap for successfully integrating sustainability and harvesting the business benefits of doing so.

Laid out in easily digestible chapters, this book helps you transform your company from where “sustainability is something you do” to full integration into every decision, process, and daily action. It is full of practical actions steps, case studies, real life experiences and pulls from dozens of interviews with today’s top business and sustainability leaders. It is packed with tips, checklists, worksheets and strategies for making sustainability real and identifying opportunities to drive business value.

How to Talk to the "Other Side"

#1 Amazon Best Seller

America is as divided as ever, and with each “side” becoming more entrenched in their own views, nothing is getting done. This newly released book is a much-needed toolkit, especially in these uncertain times, that provides both hope and practical strategies to finding common ground and win-win solutions for people that deeply disagree with you. It equips us to address our nation’s largest public health, economic and environmental challenges.

This book bridges the gaps between:

  • Republicans vs. Democrats
  • Big Business vs. Environmentalists
  • Rural vs Urban America
  • Military vs. Sustainability
  • Climate Skeptics vs. Advocates
  • Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Energy

​​And also includes:

  • Difficult Conversations 101
  • The Importance of Allyship

Sustainability Jobs

Sustainability Jobs is chock full of practical tools to rapidly accelerate your job search. It includes tips and suggestions from 26 of the top Sustainability Masters in this space from companies such as Nike, Alaska Airlines, Staples, Office Depot, Kimberly Clark, Iron Mountain, K2 Sports, Eco-Products, CSR Hub, the Nature Conservancy and leaders in the government, non-profit, educational fields.

  • How to Start Your Search
  • Nailing Your Elevator Pitch
  • Tailoring Your Resume
  • Personal Branding and Network Building
  • Interviewing Ins & Outs
  • Top Job Sites & Where to Look and Worksheets to Get you Started Today

Return on Sustainability

The acclaimed book was the only one to ever achieve a 5-star rating from Sustainable Business Journal.

This book is a market-based call to action for companies to turn climate risks into business opportunities. Kevin addresses the business community in their language: profit, brand value, risk reduction and improved shareholder relations.

This book highlights best practices and case studies from over 50 companies that have realized cost savings and brand value from taking action on climate change. It also allocates several chapters to the market forces and public policy changes that companies are and will be facing in the future around climate change. The goal is to help companies find ways to address climate change and make money while doing.

Intangible Value

Employers are now looking to hire people not just for their hard skills, but more importantly for their intangibles – leadership, work-ethic and adaptability. For those who have these skills, but don’t know how to talk about them professionally or on their resume, this book helps individuals realize their skill set by helping them connect with what they may do in their personal lives – through art, sports and hobbies.

Kevin has also contributed to a variety of other books including:

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