One of the world’s pre-eminent business consultants and speakers in the field of sustainability.

Kevin Wilhelm

About Kevin Wilhelm

Kevin brings over 20 years of experience working with 240+ businesses ranging across 40 different industries including clients such as New York Life, Delta Airlines, Expedia, Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, REI, Alaska Airlines, The Seattle Sounders, Tommy Bahama, and various Cities, Counties, Ports and non-profits.

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Kevin Wilhelm Honored As Top 10 Most Inspiring CEOs in Business, 2022

Kevin was recently named in CIO Views’ Top 10 Most Inspiring CEOs in business. CIO Views applauds the inspiring stories of influential leaders who have redefined the industry with excellence. In this exclusive listing, they recognize their passion and celebrate the journey of leaders who are transforming the future of every business.

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Recent Awards

Individual Awards
  • Top 10 Most Inspiring CEOs in Business, CIO Views (2022)
  • Individual Award for Industry Leadership, Climate Change Business Journal & Environmental Business International (2021)
  • Earth Day Person of the Match, Seattle Sounders (2018)
  • Sustainability Hero Nominee – Sustainable Seattle (2014, 2016)
  • Award of Service, Excellence, Commitment: Executive Service Corps (2005)
  • Outstanding Contribution and Leadership: Urban Options (2002)
Company Awards
  • “Best in the World” as recognized by B Corp (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019)
  • King County Small Business Award (2019)
  • Business Achievement Awards: Environmental Business Journal-Bronze Medal (2009)
  • “Best Small Business to Work For” – Seattle: HomeStreet Bank Spotlight Awards (2008)

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Book Release

#1 Amazon Best Seller

America is as divided as ever, and with each “side” becoming more entrenched in their own views, nothing is getting done. This newly released book is a much-needed toolkit, especially in these uncertain times, that provides both hope and practical strategies to finding common ground and win-win solutions for people that deeply disagree with you. It equips us to address our nation’s largest public health, economic and environmental challenges.

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